38 special

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38 special

Shooters that know practice makes perfect can count on 38 Special Ammunition for all of their firearm needs. Featuring premium components, these 38 Special Ammunition is the ideal practice round for on and off the range.

S\u0026W Model 60 .38 Special

A premier-quality ammunition, these 38 Specials offer legendary performance and quality that wheelgun and lever rifle users have known and come to love.

With low-coil recoil, this 38 Special Handgun Ammunition punches holes clearly and cleanly into paper targets. Ideal for personal protection, and snubnose revolvers, 38 Special Ammunition is the go-to for small to medium caliber firearms. Thanks to top brands like HornadyMagtechand Fiocchi you know you're getting a quality product at an unbeatable price. Looking for more great content? Then head on over to our Blogs for up-to-date articles on the topics that matter most to you.

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38 special

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See Privacy Policy. Availability Out of Stock.GunMann is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Are you looking for the best. This specific caliber of the revolver family has long been popular among pistol owners and enthusiasts.

But having one on hand for a few good applications might be necessary for you. In order to help you find the best. These revolvers are pretty much a favorite among concealed carry users. But what makes them stand out over the handfuls of pistols used for such a purpose?

For one, the revolvers have a low capacity typically six to eight rounds in the revolver itself. How does it fare accuracy-wise? It can be effective at close ranges.

Specifically, it can hit targets accurately from 25 to 50 yards. The velocity of an average. There are some characteristics and features you should look for in a. You should be able to distinguish a great revolver from one that might be considered sub par in reliability and quality.

Here are some things to look for while choosing a revolver:. As a rule, you must never sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars. Doing so can only result in disappointment. Not all revolvers are created equal. One of the reasons is the capacity.

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Some can carry six rounds, while there are some that have a maximum capacity of eight or even ten rounds. The number of rounds will depend on your own personal preferences. If you believe more rounds is what you need, there are some revolvers that will stick out as a favorite of yours.

Most revolver owners need a revolver for the purpose of concealed carry. Of course, it never hurts to carry something for the purpose of using it when you get caught up in a life and death situation.

Alternatively, you can use a revolver for target shooting purposes both casual and competitive.They can both be considered older cartridge designs and were both designed primarily for use in handguns.

Furthermore, they both house almost identical diameter bullets, with nearly the same piercing capabilities.

38 special

We think that either of these rounds has the potential to be suitable for your needs. And, for a number of reasons, you might not have considered. The idea behind the cartridge was to use a very powerful yet more volatile, high-pressure, and smoke-free powder. Due to the high pressures that smokeless powder generates, the 9mm casing was also developed to be stronger than the. Popular weights range from around to Grains for the round. This is because there are other dynamics involved that we will look at in this article.

So the. However, unlike the 9mm, this round was developed to use black powder rather than smokeless powder. This was because it was produced a few years before the 9mm rounds when black powder was still the more popular choice. It is slower burning, and less effective because of the impurities in its making. And, with more powder needed, a longer case length had to be made. A year after the. And, due to the obvious benefits, it was then used in the.

The average weight of these rounds tends to vary between to grains. Shooters commonly choose a weight of around grains for a lighter recoil.

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And, both of them use smokeless powder. But what else do they have in common and what sets them apart? Each of these calibers has an almost equal diameter with the 9mm measuring in at.

38 special

So there really is nothing in it. Yet, the 9mm holds double the amount of pressure. Both the muzzle velocity and muzzle energy numbers are higher for the 9mm caliber, and this seems consistent with various types of powder used.

Also, if the weights of both calibers are evenly increased, the differences between the two cartridges remain the same. So ultimately, the 9mm is the most powerful of the two if they are loaded with the same weight.

The 9mm can be loaded with anything up to grains. But, since the.Donnie Van Zantthe younger brother of Lynyrd Skynyrd founder Ronniebegan playing music himself during his teen years, forming the band Standard Production inwhich paved the way for Sweet Rooster, Donnie's first professional outfit that he formed in with guitarist Jeff Carlisi and bassist Ken Lyonssoon joined by drummer Steve Brookins.

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Carlisi left Sweet Rooster after graduating high school to study architecture at Georgia Tech and was replaced by Don Barnes in Brookins also left to work as a truck driver and Sweet Rooster was defunct by Nevertheless, Van Zant, Barnes and Lyons, while continuing their day jobs and working in other bands, began working on composing original songs in their spare time.

Bythey decided it was time to get serious and form "the ultimate band" that would be their "one last shot" at success. Briefly, Van Zant was considering a higher-paying position for the railroad at which he worked, but was finally convinced by brother Ronnie to stick with music since it was "in his blood.

When police arrived after being notified by locals of the noise, the band members were unable to come out because of a padlock on the door. One of the cops said, "That's all right. We'll let this. Now that they had their name, the group spent most of and playing a steady grind of one-nighters, mostly in the South and the Midwest.

Eventually, big brother Ronnie figured Donnie and the gang had paid enough dues and set them up with Skynryd's manager Peter Rudge, who also handled the Who and was tour manager for the Rolling Stones. Just before the record's release, bassist Ken Lyons decided to leave the band. He was replaced by their friend and original Lynyrd Skynyrd member Larry Junstromwho had contributed to one track of their debut. Also inthe band decided to add two female backup singers, Carol Bristow and Dale Krantz before she left in to front Rossington Collins Band and eventually marry Skynyrd's Gary Rossington.

Krantz was replaced by Nancy Henderson —Lu Moss — and Lynn Hineman — before backup singers were dispensed with in Donnie wrote "Take Me Back" as a tribute to his brother, which appeared on the band's second album, Special Delivery Marchalso produced by Hartman. The band's first two albums had a strong Southern rock influence. By the early s, 38 Special had shifted to a more accessible guitar-driven arena rock style without completely abandoning its Southern rock roots.

Engineer Rodney Millswho had worked with Atlanta Rhythm Section and others, assumed the producer's reins from here on and Survivor co-founder Jim Peterik became a frequent songwriting collaborator of the band's from on, which helped account for this change in sound and subsequent success.

Sung by 38's guitarist Don Barnes who would sing lead vocals on all of the band's hits throughthe tune became their first song to receive national airplay, peaking at 43 on Billboard Hot in early This paved the way for their platinum supercharged fourth record, Wild-Eyed Southern Boys Januaryand its bigger hit " Hold On Loosely " which reached 27 in In the fall ofthey had another hit with " Teacher, Teacher ", from the soundtrack of the film Teacherswritten by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams.The cases are dimensionally identical, except that the Magnum case is 0.

This prevents. The point of this article is to illustrate the three basic ammunition power levels available to anyone who owns a. You gain in performance as you move up the power and recoil! You gain in shooting fun as you move back down. Choosing the right power level for the job increases your effectiveness and your shooting pleasure.

These are very accurate cartridges, capable of shooting clover leaf groups at 25 yards from a top quality revolver, so make sure your. Do not settle for merely adequate. Good choices would include a Colt Python in a double action revolver or Ruger Blackhawk in a single action revolver. While we are at it, permit me to recommend a 6" or longer barrel for any. While a 2"-3" barrel is fine for shooting. The practical minimum barrel length for any.

A 4" magnum is compact and often chosen by uniformed police officers who must wear their gun and holster rig all day. Loaded with deep penetrating, heavy bullets it is handy to carry for protection in the field from potentially dangerous predators, such as cougar and black bear.

Works on dangerous two-legged predators, too! I carry my 4" Python for that purpose when I am not carrying a centerfire rifle.

38 Special

A 4" barrel is also a good choice for a dedicated home defense revolver, as it points well and is harder for an opponent to grab than a longer barrel. The 4" barrel is easily carried in a service type belt holster and you should get something akin to the advertised muzzle velocity MVas factory ammunition is tested in a 4" vented barrel. General purpose. Of course, a 4" barrel is intrinsically as accurate as a longer barrel and a bit easier to carry, but the longer sight radius provided by a 6" barrel is definitely advantageous for precise sight alignment.

The 6" barrel allows a more complete powder burn and thus higher muzzle velocity, more energy on target and a flatter trajectory.

38 special

Its greater weight also reduces muzzle flip and moves the muzzle blast a bit farther from your face. A Magnum with a 6" barrel is the jack of all trades, equally useful for self-defense, hunting and target shooting. Since factory ammunition is tested in a 4" barrel, a longer barrel should equal or exceed catalog velocities. It is nice to get a little more than you paid for at today's high ammo prices!

Best 38 Special Revolvers – 2020 Complete Round-up

An 8" barrel is very nice on a hunting revolver, offering more of the same advantages, but the long holster required to carry an 8" revolver can get in the way if you need to sit down, drive a car and so forth. For walking in the field, it is fine. I have a red dot sight on my 8" Python and it makes a very nice hunting rig. Such a sight seems less ungainly on a big revolver. This is where our cartridge choices start. The Special was designed as a more powerful alternative to the.It is most commonly used in revolversalthough some semi-automatic pistols and carbines also use this round.

Known for its accuracy and manageable recoil, the. It is used for target shooting, formal target competition, personal defense, and for hunting small game. Despite its name, the caliber of the. This came about because the original.

Except for case length, the. This allows the. However, the longer and more powerful. During the late s, and in response to demands for a more effective law enforcement version of the cartridge, a new standard-velocity loading for the.

This cartridge was called the. Britain would later adopt the. In Maya new. Inthe U. Air Force adopted the Cartridge, Caliber. The original. Bya slightly revised M Army for security police, dog handlers, and other personnel equipped with.

.38 Special

Tracer cartridges in. A request for more powerful. In response to continued complaints over ineffectiveness of the standard. Inthe Federal Bureau of Investigation introduced a new. Demand for a.


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